Marketplace Ministries – Tim Hulse

Tim Hulse

On the subject of Ministers in the Marketplace, I’m reminded of Joseph, who as a boy was probably teased more by his brothers because of his confidence in His God, than for the thought that he was set upon by his brothers because of his seemingly lowly position within his family (even though he was favored by his father).

Joseph was a true Marketplace Minister because he went about his everyday duties totally committed to building Pharaohs business with the underlying commitment to full obedience to God. He possessed a true servants heart.

I suggest that God placed Joseph exactly where he needed to be within Pharaohs kingdom. Without integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, he would never had been promoted in the world.

God uses us in the wider marketplace to speak to his creation. Never underestimate the importance of being an employer or an employee in the marketplace. We are the influence that God needs in the marketplace today. We are created with different gifts and skills to build Gods economy on earth where ever and whatever that might be.

Psalm 1 v 3 says…… “Whatever you do will prosper”. Don’t think God merely wants us to witness in the world. He wants to prosper us in whatever we do. Some of the keys that I believe will assist with gaining favor in the world are: –

– be hard working
– be early and finish last
– don’t be lazy
– have a servant heart
– be full of integrity
– be honest
– be faithful
– be encouraging to other colleagues

These fundamentals will provide credibility and influence that will be powerful and will give us great authority. The result will be a world coming to us for answers in business, family, relationships, and Gods Kingdom.

Tim Hulse
State Manager
Walton Construction

Tim and Michelle Hulse have attended C3 Church Bridgeman Downs for 23 years. Tim is currently both a Board Member and Building Fund Director. Tim has been employed by Walton Construction for the past 8 years as a Divisional Manager and has recently been promoted to State Manager for QLD overseeing over 100 employees.